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.....Type (or copy and paste)the site for "visit" into your browser to enter, and secondly mouseclick from the listing to activate. This is two steps, unlike our one-click Link Page. These resources have been useful in directing a number of persons who have needed a Life Coach. All sources have been verified as current in 2008.
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Below is a partial list of Catholic reading recommended by W. David Myers, associated professor of history at Fordham University in New York.  He has written on Catholicism in Bavaria and Austria in the book, Poor, Sinning Folk:  Confession and Conscience in Counter-Reformation Germany.

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MILESTONES:  MEMOIRS, 1927-1977 by Joseph Ratzinger (Ignatius Press: 1998).  The then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger describes the eventes that took him from the tiny Upper Bavarian village of Marktl am Inn to Rome.  Of greater weight is the spiritual and intellectual jorney that transformed the moderate liberal who championed Vatican II into what some say is a conservative.
by Joseph Ratzinger (Igantius Press: 1997).  This is a series of interviews conducted with the German journalist Peter Seewald.  The articles show the "world view" of Cardinal Ratzinger in plain and clear language that also desplays his intelllectual and theological astuteness.  The conservative bent of his thought is clear.
A CONCISE HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH by Thomas Bokenkotter (Doubleday: 2004).  This is a new edition.  The presentation is middle-of-the-road, and even-handed.
SAINTS AND SINNERS: A HISTORY OF THE POPES by Eamon Duffy (Yale  University Press: 2002).  A colorful chronical for easy summer reading.
ALL THE POPE'S MEN:  THE INSIDE STORY OF HOW THE VATICAN REALLY THINKS by John Allen Jr. (Doubleday: 2004).  The workings of the Vatican receive a clear and moderate treatment.  This is the antidote to the excesses of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.
A PEOPLE ADRIFT:  THE CRISIS OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN AMERICA by Peter Steinfels (Simon and Schuster: 2003).  There are challenges facing the American Catholic Church, here treated by Steinfels admirably and sympathetically.  Among the issues treated are the graying of the clergy, and the tensions between America and Rome, the later involving Cardinal Ratzinger in his former office.
THE CATHOLIC REVOLUTION:  NEW WINE, OLD WINESKINS, AND THE SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL by Andrew Greely (University of California Press: 2004).  The Church not only has changed, but is capable of change for the better. 
     Thank you for your time and effort to journey to Chicago to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Ordination of the North American College, Rome, Class of 1965.  You have already experienced the warmth and concern of your classmates at the convocation and meetings last evening. 
     Leadership was theme of our Academic Symposium.  We are reminded that leadership to unite our brothers and sisters in Christ is not limited by age, office, or any other condition.  Especially important for the Class of 1965 is that our leadership should not end at retirement.
     We thank the North American College, our Alma Mater, and hope our efforts over the years have brought honor to her name!

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.

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