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50th Anniversary

Golden Jubilee Reunion
Our Class Golden Anniversary was held in San Francisco between 14 and 17 December 2014. We were the guests of our classmate, Harry Schlitt.  The recording of the College Toasts was courtesy of Charles Rooney, our classmate. 


DECEMBER 14,15,16, 2014


Harry Schlitt, Jan Schachern, John Mulvihill, Marilyn Hardesty, Dakin Matthews, Ann Matthews, Charles Rooney, Geri Rooney, Michael Sheehan, Wayne Ressler, Bard Zenson, Marilyn Zenson, Don Zanon, Geri Zanon, Jim Toner, Susan Toner, Don Schmitz, Jim Eblen, Joe Lynaugh, Martin Geraghty, Paul Kwiatkowski, Harry Meyer, Bill McDonnell, Charles Mulligan, Jeri Mulligan, John Albosta, Tom Marlier, Barbara Marlier.  


 Sunday, December 14, 2014

      Arrival: San Francisco

Register at Holiday Inn Express Fisherman’s Wharf, 1300 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133, where the telephone is  (415) 486-0718.

5:00PM  Opening Prayer at the PORZIUNCOLA (610 Vallejo St)     Opening Mixer at the Shrine of St. Francis (15 min walk, 5 min taxi)

Dress: Relaxed, sweater or jacket suggested.

6:00 Dinner: IDEALe (Chef Maurizio Bruschi, Roma)  Hosted.  1315 Grant Street (between Vallejo and Green Street).  Phone: (415) 391-4129.

8:00 Hospitality Suite OPEN: Holiday (Hosted)

Monday, December 15, 2014

 DIES NON…free to explore the city, the wharf, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Embarcadero.

3:45 Bus from Holiday Inn to Shrine

4:00 Anniversary Mass: Shrine of St. Francis  (ALB/STOLE suggested)

5:00 Bus to Golden Gate Yacht Club (Hosted Cocktails)  Bob Mulhern.

6:15 Bus from GGYC to Capurro’s on the Wharf Restaurant, 498 Jefferson Street, San Francisco, CA  94109. Telephone:  (415) 771-9371. Restaurant opened in 1946, and is two blocks from your hotel.

6:30 Dinner: Capurro’s on the Wharf  Chef: Paul Capurro, San Francisco…Hosted

8:30 Hospitality Suite Open

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

8:30 Mass for DISCEASED CLASSMATES:  at HOTEL (room announced).

9:00 Continental Breakfast hosted followed by Open Forum:  Facilitator:  Miles O’Brien Riley

10:30    Depart by Bus “bum run” to Healdsburg in the Wine Country.

12:00 Hosted luncheon at MARTORANA FAMILY VINEYARDS; BOCCE Tournament.

4:00     Bus Returns to Hotel.

5:00     Hospitality room open till midnight

Evening FREE for individuals to experience dining at your pleasure.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DEPARTURE:  Anyone who wished to remain made their own arrangements with the Hotel.

For groups going to the airport, the hotel was happy to arrange transportation.

REUNION REGISTRATION:   $200 PER PERSON, which covered the following six items:

1. Hospitality Suite: Monday/Tuesday

2. Opening Mixer:  Shrine of St. Francis

3. Opening Dinner IDEALe

4. Celebratory Dinner Capurro

5. Bus Transportation to Wine Country

6. Memento Gift



Fr. Marty Geraghty, "TOAST TO POPE FRANCIS I"  12/13/14 , on the occasion of the Reunion in San Francisco for the 50th anniversary of the ordination of the 1965 class at North American College in Rome.

Last summer at Castel Gandolfo, a young guy named Stefano from northern Italy, an engineering student 19 years old, handed a letter to the Pope.  Francis took it and put it in his pocket and read it that night. 

The next day, Monday afternoon, at 4 PM, Stefano in northern Italy gets a phone call.  "Stefano, this is your bishop Francesco.” Stefano doesn't believe it "This can't be."  He says "Stefano, I read your letter.  It's a beautiful spiritual journey.  I want to join you on your journey.”  Stefan had used the formal Italian "Lei,” the third person singular.  This made all the news in Italy.  Francis said, "Stefano, Parliamoci del tu” the local way of saying we will speak in the second person singular.  "Say 'tu,’  don't say ‘lei’ Let us speak as friends; I am your brother.”

I'm going to toast three things tonight.  I'm going to toast, what he calls "go to the periphery, and smell like the sheep, if you call yourself a shepherd."  I would like to toast that tonight.

I would also like to toast which he calls the sense of hearing, an encounter.  50 years ago this year, when we were still in Rome, those of us who were in Rome at that time, we were there when Pope Paul VI met with Patriarch Athanagorus at an encounter in Jerusalem, and said we have to get together East and West.  Paul VI and Athanagorus said.  "We have to heal the wounds."  Then, two weeks ago, 50 years after we were there, Francis I met with Bartholomew in Constantinople.  Both of them used the words "full communion."  It's taken 50 years, our 50 years, to get to where we are talking about "full communion."  And we're going to make it happen.  As Francis said, "it can only happen by human encounter.  We have to look each other in the eye.  We have to see each other.  We have to embrace.  That's the encounter, because Jesus Christ himself is the encounter.  If we do not encounter, we will not make this next step.”  I'm going to ask a toast to encounter.

Finally, I'm going to ask you to toast the third thing about this wonderful person that I like and I hope you like.  He's talking about "Synodality.”  He's using this word in a new way, because, it means, and it meant with Bartholomew, that we can have different marriage disciplines, and we can still be in full communion.  You can do it that way and we can do it our way.  Maybe in our communion the Filipinos can feel one way and the Asians can feel another.  And we can still be the same church.

Then he brought back an old word that we all love, "parousia”, "speak the truth with courage."  He said, "Don't be afraid to say it, he told the bishops at the Synod, "don't hold back because you think I'll be offended.  Speak as the disciples spoke, with frankness.  Say what you believe that the Spirit has given you to say, even if you think folks are going to disagree with you.  Say it!  And then listen humbly.”  A whole new way of engaging all the bishops of the world, and all of us as disciples.  I invite you all to toast this wonderful Francis I.

Fr. Jim Eblen, "Toast to The North American College"  12/13/14 , on the occasion of the Reunion in San Francisco for the 50th anniversary of the ordination of the 1965 class at North American College in Rome.

I toast the college as a gateway.  For me and I hope for many of you, as a young man the College told me what was Roman about the Catholicism I practiced.  It told me in those years what an ecumenical council looked like for real.  I toast the college as a gateway to what theology can become with 27 different Jesuits putting their stamp on it. 

I toast the college for the diversity of ecclesial geography that I learned there, that exists in America, and which has given me a sense always that, whatever our diocese may be, I was able to know people all across the country in other situations. Somehow that strengthened and gave hope to my faith, that it was bigger than anything I knew, still, when we were back in this country.

Finally, North American invited me and encouraged me to know the likes of all of you, about as diverse a crowd as I could ever meet.  That has opened my mind and my heart in wonderful ways that can never close again because of all those gifts that have been received.  I am only thrilled that we can be here to celebrate them, 50 years later. 

Dick Matthews, "Toast to The NATION."  12/13/14 , on the occasion of the Reunion in San Francisco for the 50th anniversary of the ordination of the 1965 class at North American College in Rome.

 I want to toast not so much the United States of America, as the idea of the United States of America.  The deep contradiction that exists at the heart of our republic, which is not just unity in diversity, but also the crazy idea that our government is built on the consent of the governed, not a consent once given that can be withdrawn, but an unwithdrawable  consent to be in a union -- an idea pretty much invented  by Abraham Lincoln and his principle behind the Civil War.  It was not just that no state is so different from any other state that it cannot be included in the union-- why we expanded from 13 to 50 states -- but also that no state is so different that it ever has to be removed from the union or even can be removed from the union or can even remove itself from the union.  We are bound together for life like galley slaves, lashed together, even to our deepest enemies.  Perhaps because whatever our differences, we have to go together or the ship of state will never sail. 

What the idea of the union represents is the simultaneous acknowledgment and celebration off necessary unity and necessary diversity, which is a macrocosm of our familial, social and even intimately personal lives, riddled with contradictions, which we spend our lives trying to reconcile.  We are imperfect and we keep on going.  So yes, our country was colonized on the crime of genocide, our economies grew on the crime of slavery, the state of our union now exists on the crime of social and economic inequality. 

We have the burden of not one but many original sins.  We almost never live up to our ideals, but the ideals are still there in our founding documents, in our secular Bible.  Even when sometimes like now, there seems to be more division than unity, that crazy idea and ideal is still there in the words that we are “all created equal.”  We have God-given rights that cannot be taken from us.  We are entitled to govern ourselves and we are indeed ultimately capable of it.  And though many we must still strive to become one without ever losing our diversity. To which I add we will be judged as a nation and as a people by how we help the helpless, and how we embrace into one the different.  So here's to us, always struggling to be united as one America.

Leadership Symposium

The first Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis is entitled Evangelii Gaudium, and was issued on 24 November 2013.  You can access the 85 page document by a click on the address below:

 This morning, Sunday 24 January 2010, the Chicago Sun Times had an article on page 18A.  I give the exact citation in case you think that this may be an Urban Legend! You may be interested, because I believe that our class is the only class, certainly from Europe, with its own Blog Web Site in operation since 2004, in addition to a regular Web Site.  

                           POPE URGES PRIESTS TO BLOG
     Vatican City  --  Pope Benedict XVI gave priests a new commandment: Go forth and blog.
     The pope has stepped up his presence on the Web, and now he's urging priests to use the multimedia tools to preach the Gospel and engage in dialogue with people of other religions and cultures.
     Just using e-mail or surfing the Web is not enough:  Priests should use cutting-edge technologies to express themselves and lead their communities, Benedict said in a message released by the Vatican.  Priests are "challenged to proclaim the Gospel by employing the latest generation of audiovisual resources," he said.
     He suggests priests use images, videos, animated features, blogs and Web Sites.  Benedict said young priests should become familiar with new media while still in the seminary.

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